Music Mondays- Waymaker Performed by Sinach

The past few weeks have been a rough stretch. As I have shared before, I am not sure if my job will allow me to keep my health insurance and even worse my van died, so I need a different vehicle, Due to being a tentmaking missionary, money is always a concern. I get the term tentmaking from the fact that Paul made tents for a living as he traveled on his missionary journeys. So I teach part-time for two schools and have a support check from my church each month that helps.

However, every year I have medical expenses due to living with chronic illnesses, psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, celiacs, and hypothyroid. Last Wednesday, my rheumatologist upped my dose of methotrexate to the maximum dose.

I made a Go Fund Me and am thankful for the $515 donated so far. Yesterday in church we sang Waymaker during worship. Before worship service began, a friend came up to me and gave me $100. So I have $615 towards a different vehicle.

This week I will find out if I got the position I interviewed for Friday, thus keeping my benefits. I am praying for more donations to come in.

Thank you to those who have donated!!! If you would prayerfully consider donating, my Go Fund Me link is-Home Missionary and Teacher Needs A Vehicle.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

8 thoughts on “Music Mondays- Waymaker Performed by Sinach

  1. I am praying that more hands will dig in their pocket Matt, God works behind the scenes outside our view. I have to relearn that lesson a lot. So be encouraged,

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