The Look On Her Face- Priceless

She fled the invasion of Ukraine by Russia with her family. She loves music, plays piano and violin and sings. She loves to share her talent serving Jesus. She was in a music school in Ukraine, but the war brought that to an abrupt end. Fleeing war one only has time to grab essentials to live, so she left her beloved violin behind. I learned about this Saturday night and felt compelled to do something.

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Sunday morning I talked with a friend from church who is the Director of the Youth Symphony in my city and also a professor in the school of music at the university here. He had a violin he was willing to loan her, He needs to sell it, so I said, “bring the violin and I will raise money to pay for it.”

Yesterday he brought the violin for Ester the gifted musician who wants to serve Jesus through music. We surprised her. She did not just smile. She was absolutely beaming. I used Google translate to share this message with her.

“Evil tried to take music away from you, but it could not. This is from Jesus. This is your violin. Music is back in your life.”

The violin is a good one that has been kept in excellent condition by a musician. My guess is a new one of that quality would cost a lot more. The price is $1,200.00,

The look on her face was priceless.

What God can do through her music in the future-unlimited.

Even if I have to pay for it all by myself-WORTH IT/

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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