Story Time- 2 Words I Hate in the Winter

In the winter there are words I love to hear connected to the weather such as no school. It is rare but we have snow days that result in no school which means I can stay home and watch movies. Above average are two words I love to hear when it comes to temperatures in the winter.

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There are two words I hate in the winter. They are Wintry Mix. Where I live in Southeast Nebraska we seem to get stuck with Wintry Mix while the rest of the state gets snow. What is Wintry Mix you might ask? Good question.

Wintry Mix is a combination of freezing drizzle and light snow. Basically when one hears Wintry Mix where I live it means that everywhere one walks one will need to be careful as to not slip and fall. It also means cars sliding out of control. When they say Wintry Mix, it means a miserable day.

Wintry Mix seems like an attempt to put a positive spin on a bad deal almost like the weather people are trying to sell a used car no one wants.

Jesus never misled people. He was very clear that there could be a cost for following him when he said things like, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first:” in John 15:18. That’s not exactly a positive spin on following him. We want to hear things like your best life now. Becoming a Christian in some places in the world can mean putting one’s life in danger. For those of us living in the West like the USA, that is a reality we have not had to face.

Tomorrow we might have that miserable weather called Wintry Mix. It might be time for a “sick day” 🙂

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

4 thoughts on “Story Time- 2 Words I Hate in the Winter

  1. You’re right, Matt. God doesn’t promise us wall-to-wall sunshine as His followers. Being a disciple of Jesus puts us at odds with much of the world around us. BTW, we get lots of wintry mix down where I live too. It seems a nice Colorado snow is out of the question. Stay blessed, brother!

    1. a nice Colorado snow of 1 foot? 🙂
      Being at odds with the world due to our faith makes me think of a simple equation
      best to go with the Eternal

  2. I’d agree with you quickly, I’m not a fan of the slick roads and sidewalks…our end of the state is predicting the same kind of forecast! We shall see…
    Like you said, thankfully Jesus doesn’t leave us to wonder…He is faithful and trustworthy!!

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