The Generosity of Others Opened Up Her Music

In October, I felt led to take a step of faith after hearing about my young musician friend from Ukraine having to leave her violin behind. I shared about it in The Look On Her Face-Priceless in October and arranging for my friend from the Lincoln Youth Symphony to loan her a violin. When he came to my classroom to bring her the violin, I could see the oppression leave her. Her countenance changed and has stayed that way.

Part of that step of faith was trusting God to provide the money to pay my friend for the violin. I am thrilled to share all the money needed came in thanks to generous brothers and sisters in Christ. I want to share with you a picture from the Youth Christmas Program at the Ukrainian Church. My young friend, Ester, had the lead role in it. She sang some solos and was the lead in the play. It was all in Ukrainian but I got the gist of it. She is the one in the white coat center stage.

Since that day that Ester received the violin, she has been playing both the violin and piano again and singing in her church. She has also helped children. The program Sunday evening was recorded and is being shared with Ukrainians all over.

The impact of the kindness and generosity of brother and sisters in Christ that she probably will not meet until we are all in heaven will be felt by many for years to come.

Thank you to all of my generous friends!!!

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

20 thoughts on “The Generosity of Others Opened Up Her Music

  1. It’s wonderful to hear the “Rest of the story,” as American radio personality, Paul Harvey, used to say.

    Thank you for serving on the front lines, Matt. God will not forget all the good you do to help his people, as you continue to help them ( Hebrews 6:10).

    1. Well said, David! Hearing how this all turned out and knowing the joy experienced by the young girl brings joy to the rest of us. And I appreciate you, Matt, for following the leading of the Spirit.

  2. This world tries to cancel our gifts and talents. When God’s people are in step with him, it’s like an enable button is pushed in our hearts. So good to see as David put it “The rest of the story”

      1. You are welcome. I went to the beach ⛱ yesterday. I pray that during this year you will get an opportunity to visit he tropics.

      2. Yes. That is the perfect time to come. It is the tourist season during the winter. It would be nice if you could go on a Caribbean cruise. I will be praying that you get the opportunity. If I could afford it I would sponsor you. Have a great day

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