My Christmas- Diverse Cultures- 1 Jesus

Singing Christmas songs like Joy to the World and listening to bible verses being read such as Luke 2:10, “Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people” have a meaning for me that is a concrete reality. This past Christmas was an example of that.

It started on Friday after my English class at the Ukrainian church. I planned to come home after class, but my friends told me the youth were singing in church that night, so I joined them. It was a blessing to watch the children and the youth sing Christmas songs in English and in Ukrainian.

Christmas Eve started off with having lunch with my friend Luis from El Salvador. Then we went to my church for Christmas Eve service and were joined by Alexey and Ruslana from Ukraine. As we sang songs such as Joy to the world and listened to Luke chapter 2 being read, I thought about the blessing I had of sharing Jesus with diverse cultures and Christmas Eve was one such moment. Christmas Day I went to the Christmas service at the Ukrainian church and then had lunch at Alexey and Ruslana’s home.

In the past Jesus has blessed me with sharing Christmas with friends from many countries such as Brazil, Bosnia. Belgium, China, Congo, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam and more. So when we sing songs like Joy to the World and listen to the angel’s message of good news for all people, the all people part gets my attention.

It all underscores for me that there are many cultures in our world, but there is one Jesus who loves all people and died for all people, so they can have forgiveness and eternal life by believing in Jesus.

As I sat in Christmas Eve service with Luis, Alexey and Ruslana, that was my thought as we sang Joy to the World. I was there with friends from two other cultures celebrating Jesus.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

31 thoughts on “My Christmas- Diverse Cultures- 1 Jesus

  1. Matt, praise God! This warmed my spirit and soul! 🎶 what a blessing to sing and celebrate the birth of Christ with friends from all over our great Earth! Yes! He was born and died for all and it’s easy for Americans, in my opinion, to forget how BIG and widespread HIS following can be! Happy New Year, brother! 🙏🏻💚

      1. You’re welcome, brother. Today I’m feeling weak. I think I’m fighting a virus (uh oh). Cancer has its typical symptoms, but I woke up yesterday with a fever blister and today, achy and sore throat. I’ve left a message with a nurse. The kids are coming again so I will have to distance myself. I’m following family orders and resting! And resting in God’s love and peace, too. I hope you are well!!

      2. You’re welcome, brother! I’m resting now (and I’ll work on taking down Christmas things along the way…). Happy New Year! May God being miraculous healing, love, and lots of laughter to us all!

      3. Thank you, Dr. Brother 😁🙏🏻 what’s done is done,…as I don’t have help too close and everyone gone. BUT I will follow your prescription and wait on a few things until my sister comes!

      1. We enjoyed our Christmas weekend with some good family time and food and the focus of Jesus.
        No dashing through the snow though, there’s only small patches of it here and there, and today it’s supposed to get up to 66 degrees!!👍😀

  2. Praise 👏 Lord. Celebrating Christmas is a joyous occasion. I pray that the Lord will continue to grant you favor and rich blessing during the Christmas season and in the New Year.

    Thank you for your kind support throughout this year and I am looking forward to see you next year.

  3. Good to hear you enjoyed worshipping and celebrating with friends from various cultures, the birth of our Messiah! We do share the same blood of Jesus and Joy to the World is great in any language. Blessings!

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