The Holidays and Then ………

It is that time of year. The holidays have come and gone. We are in the THEN part of winter as in the holidays happened and then-just boring winter. I had a reminder of it yesterday as I walked out of the high school where I teach in the afternoons. The door to the parking lot faces to the north, so any winter wind greets us in the face as we exit.

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For a city kid like me there is not much to do in the winter time. If I was an outdoor adventure person, I would probably enjoy ice fishing. My idea of ice fishing is buying frozen fish at the supermarket. 🙂

It is true that Valentines Day is coming, but being single I don’t care about that day. Yes next Monday is Martin Luther King Day, but that is more of an important day to remember a great person from history, not a day for fun. So it is just boring winter now.

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Have no fear, however, your coffee purist can still hang out at the coffee shop. I am also waiting for my pastor to read the final pieces I wrote for my book Jesus Understands Trauma and for his feedback. There are also my classes to teach and my refugee/immigrant friends to spend time with. So not all is lost.

I am curious how you would finish the sentence- The holidays and then ………

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

15 thoughts on “The Holidays and Then ………

  1. For me this year it is “finish our guest cabin, take ice fishing breaks, walk in the deep snow with a camera and enjoy my wife and daughters company”. Year round I get up early and spend time in the word and have long talks with the Lord.
    Just to clarify Matt…fresh fish is as different from frozen as tuna in a can is to a fresh grilled just off-the-boat-tuna steak.

      1. No, I have been Tuna fishing and they were not biting that day evidently. So, the next best thing was stopping at an open grill and buying a fresh grilled tuna steak. If you ever get a chance, it’s extremely good. nothing like the canned kind which I am now very suspicious, as in what is really in that can. Probably like asking “What’s in that hot dog?”

  2. The holidays and then . . . continuing to share our Lord’s hope, peace, joy, and love with myself and others. As for ice fishing, I will settle instead for a delightful mid-winter walk.

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