When Jesus Says- Come Follow Me

It was twenty-six years ago this weekend that my adventure began. We had a weekend training to prepare for a ministry trip to Romania in 1997. The two men doing the training for us had served as missionaries in what is now Congo. The weekend training was fun for me as we prepared for teaching English and also as they spoke to us in a tribal language, Lingala, to start the training. I still remember how to greet people in Lingala from that weekend and have fun surprising students from Congo with it.

Photo by Jens Johnsson on Pexels.com

That weekend was made even more adventurous as it snowed Friday evening to early Sunday morning. It was a March snow of 13 inches by the time it was done.

That weekend I had no idea about how much it was about to change my life. It was through my seven trips to Romania that Good called me to teach English Second Language and have a ministry for immigrants and refugees. As I look back, I can see how God fit all of the pieces together along the way. That weekend was the first action step of the journey. The first step was signing up to go.

Because of that weekend, it has been my blessing since then to meet people from all over the world teaching them and sharing Jesus with them. That weekend was a “Come Follow Me” moment with Jesus.

“Come Follow Me” moments lead to wonderful experiences. Yes, there are difficult moments. Yes, there are trials along the way, but as I look back over the past twenty-six years, I do not regret responding to “Come Follow Me.” Instead I am filled with gratitude that Jesus would choose to ask me of all people to follow him.

Have you experienced a “Come Follow Me” moment?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

16 thoughts on “When Jesus Says- Come Follow Me

      1. Maybe I’m not sure exactly what a come follow Jesus moment is, but you might be right. Once my baby was born is when I got very serious about attending church and becoming involved, because it’s so important to me that he meets the real Jesus 😊 And of course, that has led ME to become closer to Jesus as well!

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