When God Brings Life To A Stop-Pay Attention

It is Spring Break week for my college and I had plans to hang out at the coffee shop and perhaps visit some friends in their homes. Yes I planned to write some more to finish my book, but to be honest, I can tend to get going so much that that goal might have taken a back seat.

I took my Jesus car to the dealer to get my catalytic converter replaced last Wednesday. They had said a few days. Well it has been over a week and maybe it will be ready today. So I have been at home all week. I have only gone outside to check mail and for delivery of groceries.

So with life coming to a stop, a complete stop of no teaching, no coffee shop. no visiting friends, what happened?

I had printed out a paper copy of the book draft to go over. I spent most of the day Tuesday going over that. I spent a lot of time Wednesday making the changes in the Google Doc. Yesterday I made some fine tuning type changes. It is just about ready. It seems that perhaps God wanted me to pay attention and get it done.

Hopefully my car will be ready today, so I can teach at the Ukrainian church later this afternoon and tomorrow morning. Also Saturday after the Ukrainian church, I will meet my friend Todd. Todd studied law and was a lawyer in the military before taking a civilian position. Todd will go over the info for self publishing on Amazon with me.

The whole scenario made me think of what Jesus said in John 10:10

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

The thief came and stole the catalytic converter from my car. Fortunately insurance will cover most of it with me only covering the deductible. But Jesus had other plans. Plans for me to finish my book.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

13 thoughts on “When God Brings Life To A Stop-Pay Attention

  1. 😳 A thief stole your catalytic converter? Well, I’m glad you were able to come out with a positive outcome. I hope you got your car back and your plans can proceed. I had my injections yesterday and am in more pain now than before. Next time, they will do the ablation. In 3 weeks.✝️

      1. She’s good! We just got pigs so she can show them for 4H this summer so she’s practically in “hog heaven”..I will tell her hi for you!!

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