Music Mondays- Believe by Iveth Luna

In this life we have times of waiting, of not seeing the future, not seeing the outcome. We can face obstacles, experience difficulties, and perhaps struggle with doubt.

Yet Jesus still has all power. Thar will never change. We walk by faith, but we do not walk alone. Jesus walks with us.

That is why we can face the difficulties and struggles knowing we are not alone.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

12 thoughts on “Music Mondays- Believe by Iveth Luna

      1. Me too! I hope you are well! Brother, I did something~I rented a 17 ft travel trailer and came 40 miles south to taste my old camping life. My back and blood aren’t the best, but God said, “Go!” I needed a rejuvenating get away after this last year. I’m not a “city” girl. My city isn’t large and I’m glad to be closer to family and hospital. But things have been “loud” and hectic. I needed to slow down and have nature time! I’ll be back on Sunday. I’ve written mini stories about My Great Escape. God has blessed me and put very neat people with cool stories around me. I’ll be happy to share them! I do hope you’re finding strength and healing in our Lord! Happy weekend, brother! Blessings!

      2. My rental included delivery and set up! After living in my RV for 4 years, it was the medicine I needed! I wrote a few paragraphs with different topics that I’ll blog about from my little trip. I’m calling it “The Great Escape” lol 😆 blessings, brother!

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