For Nothing is Impossible with God

I love that quote from the bible. It is what the angel Gabriel said to Mary when she did not understand how she could conceive a child when she was a virgin. Gabriel told her it would by the Holy Spirit and “Nothing is Impossible with God”. When I think about the meaning of this truth in my own life I am astounded as I look back over my life.

15 years ago I had been written off as someone who would not make it in this life. I had been sick for a few years and had difficulty following a basic conversation. In fact when I signed up to go on my first trip to Romania, the missionaries who had met me when I was sick, had the response of “isn’t he the guy who talks slow?” My situation looked hopeless, but with God nothing is impossible.

God helped me to recover and rebuild my life. Step by step He helped me every step of the way. It was not always easy. It required me to take some steps of faith, but over time my life was rebuilt and what I am doing now is far more fulfilling than anything I had done before I was sick. Whatever situation we find ourselves in, it can be not just comforting but also empowering to know that with God nothing is impossible.

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