Matt The Wedding Coordinator?

In my post yesterday about the Liebster Award I shared as one of the random things about me that I have been a wedding coordinator before and that I might share the humorous story in a future post. A few people commented they wanted to hear about it, so here goes.

My life proves that God has a sense of humor. I often find myself in situations where I think perhaps God gets a chuckle out of seeing what I am willing to try to help others. For example, one year close to Thanksgiving I decided to cook a Thanksgiving lunch for the people who come to my weekend groups at church. I put two turkeys in the ovens in the basement at church and started cooking the turkeys. Then I had a thought, more of a question, in my mind. How do I know when they are done. I had never cooked a turkey before.

chicken close up dish food
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So I went upstairs hoping to find someone in the church that knew. I found a friend of mine Kris in the church. I asked her how to know when a turkey was done and she asked me why. I told her. She came downstairs and took over.

A few pastors at church have received emails from me that are basically- I have an idea. I don’t mind stepping out with no solid plan in situations such as meeting a new people group that has come as refugees that no one knows anything about. I enjoy getting to know them and learn as I go.

So one day a refugee family from Ukraine had a need. Their daughter wanted to get married but their Ukranian church rented a 7th Day Adventist church building on Sunday mornings and they had no access to it on Friday evening or Saturday for their wedding. They had no money. So I asked one of the pastors at my church and arranged for them to have it for free at my church. The women who usually coordinated weddings for the church did not feel confident helping people with broken English, so I agreed to do it. The bride had friends who lived here long enough to know where to get wedding stuff, so my job was really them asking me if they could do something, I asked the building manager, he told me yes or no, and I told the bride’s family yes or no. Wedding coordinating seemed simple.

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So a year later, when a young lady from China wanted to have a Christian wedding, I thought no problem I can coordinate it. I met with her and her fiance and realized they were so new to Lincoln and their friends were too. They didn’t know where to get wedding stuff. So I called my friend Kathy from church. Kathy and her husband had helped with my ministry before. I asked Kathy, “what are you doing tomorrow afternoon at 2:30?” She responded by asking a question, “Why? What have you got yourself into this time?” I told her the situation and she said she would be there. Kathy met us at the church and took over, I think I still had the title Wedding Coordinator, but I am not sure.

So Lily of retrospectivelily, you are single and have a boyfriend. When it is time for your wedding, I will coordinate it for you for free since you are one of the ones who asked me to share the story. πŸ™‚

Hope you all enjoyed my story. Thank you for reading. God Bless.

16 thoughts on “Matt The Wedding Coordinator?

  1. “What have you got yourself into this time?”
    That question by your friend suggests that you have loads of other stories like this one to tell! What had you got yourself into before assuming the role of a wedding coordinator? πŸ™‚

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