Story Time- $10 in Quarters, An Old Chevette, 430 Miles to Go and the God of the Impossible


In April 1994 when I had to leave Minneapolis, where I was at a school for ministry, to come back to my home city Lincoln due to being sick, there was a problem. MONEY.

I knew there was nothing in Minneapolis for me. I had visited a church in Minneapolis and while there felt led to go to a church I had never been to in Lincoln when I returned. I thought it was just to come back to pray for the church while I died, but then something happened, I didn’t die. So back to my story, I had 430 miles to drive to Lincoln.

2 problems with the scenario, 1- I had an old Chevette that I wasn’t sure could make it, and 2- I only had a full tank of gas and $10 in quarters. I don’t recommend anyone try this, but I had nothing to go on except I knew God wanted me back in Lincoln for some reason. So I prayed and reminded God, as if he needed that, that I had no one to depend on but him. The reason? I had changed denominations and people were not happy with me. So yes I was sick and dying, had almost no money, lost my friends, and God wanted me to drive 430 miles with no plan, that I knew of anyway,  of what would happen when I got to Lincoln.


After praying, I went to the gas station and filled up. That left me with the $10 in quarters. Off I went down a highway to go home where I had no place to stay. Halfway to Lincoln, it began to rain, heavily at times. So I drove through the rain until Omaha and the rain had stopped just outside of Omaha.

I made it to Lincoln and looked at my gas gauge again. I was sure it wasn’t working because it stayed on full the entire trip. Just to make sure, I pulled into a gas station just outside of Lincoln and tried to put some gas in. I couldn’t because the tank was still full. I had driven 430 miles and used ZERO gas. Our God is the God of the impossible.

I got into Lincoln, in the days before cell phones, and stopped at a payphone. I called someone I knew and they let me crash at their house for a few nights. The next day I called the pizza place I had delivered for before and they had a job for me to start that week delivering pizza. The first shift I made enough tips to buy food for a week, I called the owner of the house I had rented a basement apartment from and the apartment was empty. The owner let me move in with a free first month.

I felt I should share this not because I suggest you do what I did. I felt I should share this because there are times we feel our backs are against the wall and there is little hope. When those times come-Our God is the God of the impossible.

Thank you for reading.God Bless

11 thoughts on “Story Time- $10 in Quarters, An Old Chevette, 430 Miles to Go and the God of the Impossible

  1. Wow… that’s so amazing about the gas. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story and the amazing things God can do. 🙂 ❤ Love you dad. ❤

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