Lunch with My Pastor- Waymaker Sung by Iveth Luna

I had the blessing of having lunch with my pastor yesterday. We ate at a restaurant called East Oven which serves food from India. It was an hour of wonderful fellowship and great food.

As we ate, we shared a lot about what is going on in our lives and our backgrounds. As I shared about how Jesus has worked in my life, so many memories of how Jesus has made a way for me when there did not seem to be any way came to mind.

One example is the time I left Minneapolis where I was studying for ministry to return to Lincoln. At the time I was sick and could not finish the semester. I had a full tank of gas and only ten dollars in quarters and yet I made it home. I prayed and asked Jesus to help me make it to Lincoln. I made it back. I shared about it more fully in 10 Dollars in Quarter, An Old Chevette, and 430 miles to go.

So many times Jesus opened opportunities for me that only he could have arranged. So many times as I look back, I see God’s grace in my life.

Jesus is truly the way maker as the song Way Maker proclaims.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

16 thoughts on “Lunch with My Pastor- Waymaker Sung by Iveth Luna

  1. God is a way maker, for sure, Matt! Your story made me think of a desperate drive of my own twenty two years ago. The Lord brought me through, as well. I tapped on your story about the drive from Minneapolis. Gods is good!

  2. I read your amazing story. It was indeed a miracle to drive 430miles and the gas tank did not budge. A full tank of gas last me a week or less of just driving about 2 miles each day to and from work. Thanks for sharing 👍 😊

  3. It is even more amazing for that old car to make it through that long journey. Your story reminds me of Abraham. When God calls you to do the impossible He will make a way.

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