Story Time- A Reminder about God’s Timing in Romania

Romania is a place that is always on my mind in the summer. I had seven trips there and learned so much about interacting with other cultures, teaching ESL, and most importantly about God.

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When I travel, I like to find the gate for my flight as soon as I enter the airport. When I travel with a group that has some first timers, I feel a responsibility for them. My second trip to Romania started off with a lesson about how God’s timing is perfect for us.

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Our flight was delayed leaving Chicago, but we still made it in time to catch our flight from Amsterdam to Bucharest. However, our flight from Amsterdam was delayed one hour due to weather. We had boarded the plane but had to wait. I prayed asking for God to intervene so we wouldn’t be late. I was thinking about the missionaries who were going to meet us at the airport and about the tired group I was with.

We arrived in Bucharest and were met by the missionaries who organized the English Camp in Constanta. They saw the flight was going to be late, so they went to McDonalds and bought food and came back. We arrived to cold McDonalds.

It was on the road to Constanta that God had a reminder for me about his timing. As we rode the small bus down to two lane highway we came upon a stretch of road with several tree branches down in the road. The driver had to drive weaving around the branches. A major storm had blown through,

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With no warning systems in place yet, if we had arrived on time, we would have driven into the storm. We could have been in an accident and some even injured. But because we were delayed, we came to that stretch of highway after the storm had blown through.We were safe because of the delay.

I thanked Jesus for being delayed and missing the storm.Whenever I am concerned about timing, I remember that practical lesson in Romania in the summer of 1998.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

21 thoughts on “Story Time- A Reminder about God’s Timing in Romania

  1. We can always depend on God’s perfect timing. Your post reminded me that when I lived in Michigan I used to always pass a Romanian church on the way to work. β›ͺ️

  2. God’s timing is incredible! I have had similar experiences where God held me back so that I was shielded from some harm. When we get to heaven, I believe we will be astounded at the times God was protecting us from unseen and unknown harm. What a good, good Father!
    May God continue to bless and use you mightily in Romania and wherever you may be!

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