Story Time- A Stop Sign in Brazil

In June and July 2015, I taught English for a small university in Rio do Sul Brazil. Rio do Sul is a city of about 65,000 people in the mountains in southern Brazil. I was the only American in the city for most of my five weeks there. It was a wonderful experience for me.

I had studied Portuguese for one year at the university in my city from August 2013 to May 2014, I had also practiced Portuguese with Brazilian friends in my city, but my Portuguese improved a lot being in Brazil that summer.

It was a blessing to spend time with other professors from the college or with my students after class or on the weekends. One Sunday afternoon, I went with two profesoras to another small city, Pomerode, about an hour drive away for a music festival.

On our way back to Rio do Sul from the music festival, the profesora who was driving went through a stop sign. Stop in Portuguese is Pare. I said to her, “You went through a stop sign.: She asked how I knew and I told her Pare means stop. The other profesora burst out laughing in the back seat and said, “We have to be careful. The American knows.” We all started laughing.

We never know who takes notice of what we do. One person we know who always takes notice of what we do is Jesus. He sees it all. That can be intimidating if we are doing things we shouldn’t. It is very encouraging to know that we are never overlooked by him. If we mess up, he loves us, forgives us, and helps us move on. If we are in a difficult situation, he knows and can help.

Thank you for reading. God Bless

24 thoughts on “Story Time- A Stop Sign in Brazil

  1. Yay!! I love your story time posts! You’re right, we never know who is watching us. But most of all Jesus is watching so we should always aim to please Him. ✝️

    “We have to be careful. The American knows.” 😂😂

  2. This is a good and funny😅 story. And you are definitely right we never know who takes notice of what we do, especiallyJesus who knows it ALL. He’s the all knowing God. He sees what we do even secretly.

  3. What a wonderful experience! I love to travel and experience the culture, foods and people in other places. And what a powerful message you have shared from this experience. The Lord is always near, watching. May it be a comfort and strength to us, as well as a reminder to honor Him. May we live in ways that point others to Him, too!

  4. Thank God He notices all our move, He knows our hearts and nothing is hidden from Him. May God help us to take this revelation seriously. Great post and I love your stories.

  5. Lol. Imagine that!. “The American knows”

    True, we just don’t know who is looking up to us and her secret mentees.

    Assuredly, He is always there for us – seeing it all and ever ready to help us out.

    Thanks for sharing big bro.

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