Blogging Tip- Check Your Spam Folder

Just a little blogging tip/heads up for something that can help you increase interaction on your blog.

When someone comments on your blog for the first time, their comment might be placed in the Spam Folder in your comment section. It is worth your time to quickly check you spam folder. Even today I did so and found 3 comments from one blogger who had not commented before. When she commented, I did not receive a notification.

I am glad I checked it again today because I was able to approve her comments. Hopefully we will interact more with each other on our blogs. πŸ™‚

If you’re new to blogging and not sure where to find it, just go to site and then go to comments. Your screen will look like this:

Then click on spam. I have found many first time comments the past few months in my spam folder that I approved and now I interact with the bloggers on a regular basis.

21 thoughts on “Blogging Tip- Check Your Spam Folder

  1. You are perfectly right. It happens to me a lot. Sometimes it is months later that I realized what happen. Even some of your regular people who comments ends up in the spam folder
    Thank you for reminding me to check.

  2. I have had a comment or two that shouldn’t have been spam before, but most of the time when I see a sweet comment waiting in spam, I look a bit closer and dive into the info and find out WordPress was right on in spamming them. Be careful about spam comments, even if they’re nice! God bless you in your ministry–my family and I travel as well sharing the Good News.

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