Growing in What God Has Called Us To

Thursday morning in my class, I told the moms I had gifts for them. I gave them their workbooks for homework and as I went from mom to mom I said, “Happy Early Birthday”. They laughed but they didn’t know as a teacher I actually view giving them learning opportunities as being a gift.

The workbooks I gave them were according the their level of English for the groups they are in for small group work. I know my students and what they are capable of. I also believe in pushing them a little to learn.

They have different abilities, but they all want to learn.

God knows how we are wired. He knows our talents and abilities because he gave them to us. He not only gives us talents and abilities, he empowers us to use them. However, there is cooperation needed from us to develop in those talents and abilities. We need to step out and try serving and develop what God has given us.

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For my students, I can teach them, encourage them, make the classroom environment friendly and positive, but it is up to them to do homework. come to class, and learn.

We need to pray and seek God for where to serve. We need to spend time in his word, the bible, to grow and learn. We need to step out and try new things to find where God has called us.

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I have been teaching ESL, reaching out to refugees and immigrants, and leading a bible study for them for about 20 years. But I am 61 years old. That means that it took a while for me to discover what God was calling me to do. But now I would say as they say in Brazil-“Esta Γ© a minha praia” meaning this is my beach. That refers to- This is my comfort zone or the place I am most familiar with.

The same is true with blogging. I have tried different things. Some have gone well and some I realized were not really me or what God wanted my blog to be. I also learned from other bloggers to see what they do. As bloggers we need to give ourselves permission to explore and try things to find out voice.

If you are in a season of seeking God to discover what he has in store for you, or if you are a new blogger exploring what your voice is as a blogger. please give yourself grace in the process. I tell my students mistakes are okay because then I know what they need help with. God helps us even with our mistakes as we try to serve him and as we blog.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

36 thoughts on “Growing in What God Has Called Us To

  1. Enjoyed reading this post. It takes time to figure out where to serve and yes it is important to be patient and step out and try different areas to see where the Lord will use you the best.

  2. And sometimes, like myself, we want to do too much, too soon. I have to dial it back. It’s hard for me to do that when I don’t think I’m doing enough, but I drive myself crazy. I have to find the balancing point.

      1. Can you expand on what you mean by that, Matt? Does that mean relax or breath? ‘Cause my brain is saying, okay, what am I not doing right?

      2. What I mean is the God calls us to be his children. Our first focus should always be our relationship with God, spending time in his presence and letting him minister to us. The things we do should come as a result of being empower and refreshed by God.

      3. Okay. That makes sense. Back to basics. This is not going backwards, it’s just refreshing. This is not stopping, its just getting even closer to God.

  3. Thank you ❀️. I’m feeling this. I try new things and have so many directions I want to go it’s hard to narrow down and decide. I’m thankful for the many friends I’ve met on here for being so patient with me. Thank you for being one of them!

  4. Thanks with so MUCH LOVE Big Brother!!! I love how you remind us to try new things also in life ….., and seek God and His Holy Spirit leading. God has His special plan for all of us. May we be sensitive and obedient to His Voice …… β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

  5. My purpose in God is make Him known to others so I believe that I am to be evangelistic on my blog. But I have to go through trial and error to find out what that practically looks like.

    Thank you for the words of encouragement!

  6. Smiles. Happy early birthday.. I am expecting my own “early Christmas surprise” though. πŸ˜€

    Great share. Loved this part “give yourself grace in the process”. This has been my mantra this year especially. I had to grow from wanting everything “all good, perfect” to embracing the odds. And the truth is only in the odds we face, do we really grow!.

  7. I visited Ohio and Pennsylvania two different times in January, during snow. Does that count? πŸ˜‚ It’s a different kind of cold. Ours is a wet kind of cold here, but upper states have a dryer cold. It was amazing how I could breath better there! I just couldn’t handle snow full time! It would kill this southern chick! πŸ˜‚…Deader than a door nail! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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