Why I Unfollowed and Removed A Blogger- Plagiarism

I created a tag 1 Grateful Person a few weeks ago. Perhaps by coincidence, I noticed a post by a blogger I follow titled One Grateful Person, so I check it our to see what it was about. The person who tagged the blogger had been tagged by someone with my original post. The person then rewrote it a bit using the same idea and changed the title from 1 Grateful Peron to One Grateful Person.

As an educator, plagiarism is an issue that is of concern to me.

As a Christian blogger I take steps to avoid plagiarizing another blogger. If a blogger posts something related to a post I write, I include a link to their post and write how it connects to mine.

Integrity is important to me. I unfollowed and removed the blogger from following me. Integrity means more to me that numbers.

18 thoughts on “Why I Unfollowed and Removed A Blogger- Plagiarism

  1. Hi Matt. I don’t think the person intentionally plagarized your tag to make it her own. I think that the person did not quite understand that she should copy and paste your original introduction so that the tag keeps the link to the original creator. I hope this is the case.

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