It Is A Wrap- Not a Gift- The Semester

Yesterday we wrapped up the semester by having our annual celebration and free store for the moms in my class.

The moms brought food and we had visitors join us from the Downtown Rotary Club. I gave the moms certificates of achievement which the Principal helped me give to them.

One of the moms makes beautiful desserts of Jello. The first time I saw one, I thought it had real flowers inside. Somehow she uses Jello of various flavors and colors to design hers.

No one wanted to eat them because they said they were too pretty to eat. Well, being the at times barbarian single guy, I had the solution. I took a knife and cut them and said, “Now you can eat them.” They did.

Sometimes on Friday mornings I am so tired that I get started late and buy a chocolate milk and cheese sticks to eat at class for my breakfast. The Karen moms from Burma gave me a gift of small bottles of chocolate milk and cheese sticks. One of the best gifts ever πŸ™‚

My complete, total, everything done, break is here. When people ask me what my plans are, I have a simple answer- SLEEP. They seem to think I am joking, but being a Spoonie living with more than one chronic illness, sleep is something I look forward to.

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It is also time to focus on writing. Yes, I will continue to blog. By writing I am referring to a book. I hope to make a lot a progress on a book. More info to come later.

My favorite part of celebrating Christmas is going to Christmas Eve service at church. I love focusing on why we have Christmas which is to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus.

On Christmas Day, I enjoy visiting refugee families to give candy to the children and wish the family a Merry Christmas.

What are your plans for Christmas week?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

33 thoughts on “It Is A Wrap- Not a Gift- The Semester

  1. From my former teaching days, I can remember the feeling when a semester ends or a major break from school arrives. Enjoy your time off. Two of my daughters teach so they also be on break. I will attend Christmas Eve service at my church, and on Christmas Day I will be with my Ohio family. Best wishes with continued progress on your book. Merry Christmas!

  2. Church, some time spent at Disneyland, and enjoying the company of out of state family that are coming to visit. Wishing you a merry Christmas and hope you get the rest your body needs!

  3. You make me laugh, but those jellos are really pretty. I am glad you take pictures before knifing them. I hope you enjoy your Christmas. Similar to you I am hoping to catch up on some writing.

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