Music Mondays- Behold Him by Paul Baloche and Kim Walker Smith

In the midst of all the busy preparations for Christmas it is too easy to lose focus on WHY we have Christmas.

Christmas is a time to remember and celebrate Jesus being born as a human infant, so he he could grow to be a man to be our Savior by dying on the cross and defeating death for us through his resurrection. I love the lyrics of Behold Him such as:

He who was before there was light
Walked across the pages of time
He who made every living thing
Behold Him

He who heard humanity’s cry
Left His throne to wake as a child
He became like the least of us
Behold Him

Yes he heard humanity’s cry. He hears the cry of those who struggle in life. That is why he left his throne in heaven to come as a human baby. He heard the cries of people desperate for hope.

Whatever our struggle in life is, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, financial problems, family problems, Jesus heard the cry of humanity and came.

I love this song because it gives the complete picture of Jesus and not just Jesus as a baby. He has all power. He came for us because he loves us. This song is my theme song for this Christmas season. I prayed it will bless you as much or more than it has blessed me.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

14 thoughts on “Music Mondays- Behold Him by Paul Baloche and Kim Walker Smith

  1. Love this post especially the line that said, ” God heard the cry of humanity and came down to save us.” It reminds me of the Israelites bondage when God heard their cry and came down to deliver them. Enjoy your day.

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