A Hassle That Led to A Blessing

It seemed like a hassle to me at first. I tried to use my Pro Air Asthma Inhaler, but it did not work. For some reason lately, Pro Air Abuterol inhalers are not dependable when they get down to the last 20 doses. I was supposed to have 12 left, but when I tried to use it yesterday- NOTHING.

So I called the pharmacy for a refill. It meant driving there between classes I teach in the late afternoon as in driving across town from where I teach.

When I got to the pharmacy, I noticed that she was the pharmacist. She is one of the young people from Vietnam that I helped when I had a group of young Vietnamese people that I helped. She graduated from the university in my city and went on to pharmacy school in a nearby city. She graduated and passed her tests and is now a registered pharmacist.

I felt SO PROUD of her. I know how hard she worked and to see her working as the pharmacist filled me with the pride of a dad watching his daughter succeed and achieve her dreams.

She even bought me some ice cream- Chocolate Ice Cream πŸ™‚

Do you know who is thrilled when we achieve more than we thought we could? God. God loves us. He is heavenly father. When we depend on God and reach higher than we thought possible, he is cheering us on. God delights in his children. He empowers us through his Holy Spirit.

I am so thankful that Jesus called me to the work and ministry of helping refugees and immigrants because it gives me a whole new appreciation of what Jesus said in John 3:16:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”

Jesus has blessed me with sharing his love and the love of God the Father with people from many cultures.

For me caring about someone means caring about the whole person, so when they achieve their dreams and I could help in some small way, it is a huge blessing for me.

I am proud of all of the young Vietnamese people from that time. Yesterday was a wonderful reminder for me.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

52 thoughts on “A Hassle That Led to A Blessing

  1. GOD is good and he works through all people. Your story is an i inspiration to me. I want to get out there and do more of GOD’S work. It is so amazing and a blessing that there are people out there that can help change people lives. Not just where they live but all over the world. GOD bless you and pray that GOD keeps working through you to help other people.

  2. How wonderful to see your work come to fruition, you are seeing your validation in your calling … really wonderful for you my brother. You have prompted me to do some research as to why the last doses may not work. I will have to speak to the resp therapists I work with then more research.

      1. I’m great! Helping my mom out with a few more medical appointments before work resumes. Rheumatoid Arthritis is causing her problems and a prior hip replacement she had. How are you?

      1. It is well…
        Matthew (the just) shall live by faith.
        Lord, I ask that tonight, You would continue to wrap Matt in your arms. I pray Lord that You would continue to let Your grace be aboundingly sufficient in His life. I ask that You would grant Him relief from pain, aches and discomfort as He lays down and that He would be able to get a well rested sleep tonight. I ask Lord that You would reveal to him the best remedies to help him along from day to day and as his spiritual man is prospering, so would every other part of his life. Continue Lord to inspire him, to comfort him, to mold him, to teach him, to strengthen his feeble knees. Lift up his hung down head. Thank You for being his balm, his deliverer, his healer, his refuge, his fortress, his pillar, his strong tower, his wisdom – his all. Thank You that Your strength continues to be made perfect even when he feels weak. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  3. John 3:16 has been my favorite scripture of the week. What a beautiful experience and blessing that you were able to witness that because of your efforts in leading others to Him ❀️

  4. Wow. God just walked you right into the encouragement you needed – seeing that you are helping lives and they are making impacts as well. That is a blessing!πŸ’―

    Keep being the graceful man that you are big bro. πŸ€—

  5. The package insert should tell you how to take care of your inhaler to keep it working properly but if you are already doing those things, I would give the manufacturer a call to notify them. ProAir Inhaler is a medication that you want to work when you really need it :).

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