Being Blessed by Seeing Others Succeed

In recent days I felt led to share about seeing refugees and immigrants I have helped who are now enjoying success in life. It kind of brought me back to the beginnings of blogging for me. I shared about a young woman from Vietnam who is now a registered pharmacist and a young woman from Guatemala who is in college now. Today I would like to share about a Yazidi man who came here as a refugee.

A few months ago, I saw a former student come to the elementary school where I teach my Family Literacy Class of moms. He is currently working in IT for the school system here. Yesterday morning I saw him come to the entrance as I was leaving. I greeted him in his language and he smiled.

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He is a Yazidi. The Yazidi people have been oppressed for centuries because their religion is different than the majority religion in Iraq and Syria.

My city has the largest number of Yazidis in all of North America. I love having Yazidi friends and students. There is a special place in my heart for people who have been oppressed.

So when I see him come to the school where I teach, it is always a source of joy for me. It always blesses me to see my Yazidi friends experience success in their new lives here in America.

Because Jesus spent the early years of his life on earth as a refugee, I believe refugees have a special place in his heart. I am grateful that Jesus led me to the work and ministry I have now in reaching out to, teaching, and helping refugees.

But it is no time to rest on my laurels. There are more souls to reach out to and show the love of Jesus.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

18 thoughts on “Being Blessed by Seeing Others Succeed

  1. First, I love the title of your post. The Christian life is about being poured out and being a blessing to those who encounter us. I agree, refugees have a special place in God’s heart. Many places in the Bible commands us to treat refugees well, not oppress them.

  2. It is a pleasure to see someone who is genuinely blessed by the success of others. This is an example of how God expect us to be as His children. The Lord cares about everyone and especially those who are oppressed. You are doing a great job and God is blessing you for it.

      1. Yes, send some of your snow in a bottle to me. Put a little snow in a bottle, go to the sea shore and throw it in. It will reached my shore in a few days. 🙂❤

  3. Matt, thank you for sharing. As a retired teacher, I can attest to the blessings received from seeing others succeed. My final 10 years were spent in a large urban school system, which was far different from from my many years of teaching in Montana.

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