Chronic Illness/The Faith of a Child/Praying for a Fellow Blogger

As a teacher, being in the classroom with my students means everything to me. It is what helps me get up and get going on days that fatigue and pain are high. My students are the reason I get out of bed and pray.

As a home missionary, my refugee and immigrant friends mean everything to me. They are also what helps me get out of bed on a bad day when fatigue and pain are saying to me- “Stay in bed.”

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A blogger I follow made a painful decision for herself to stop teaching because of chronic illness. When I read her post yesterday, I felt compelled to share it, so others can join me in praying for her. The blogger is Savannah Wall. Her blog is One Mountain At A Time at Her post yesterday was Leaving My Job Was The Hardest Decision Since My DIagnosis. Please read her post and let her know you prayed for her and follow her blog.

Yesterday was a long day for me. I taught class in the morning. I had a meeting over the lunch hour. I taught class in the afternoon and the evening. Before my evening class, I was drained. That was also due to sitting under UV florescent lighting all day which wipes me out. Before class I prayed and asked for strength to make it through my evening class.

Sometimes God has little ways of letting us know he is with us. Last night it was through the 1st Grade daughter of one of my citizenship class students. She comes with her mom and colors while her mom studies. Last night while her mom and the other students were working on a handout, the little girl showed me what she was coloring. We talked for about 15 minutes. Her family is Hispanic and goes to a church, so I told her “Jesus loves you.” She smiled and said, “I want to see Jesus.”

Then this little girl shared something with me that I realize is so important to a child. She asked me if I wanted a sticker from her coloring book. I picked one out and put it one my new Chromebook.

So now my Chromebook has a decal thanks to a little girl in 1st Grade. She offered it to me after we talked about Jesus.

Moments like that and so many other moments make teaching so worthwhile. It breaks my heart for Savannah that she had to stop teaching because of chronic illness. Please join me in praying for her.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

11 thoughts on “Chronic Illness/The Faith of a Child/Praying for a Fellow Blogger

  1. Thanks for pointing out how fluorescent lighting makes us tired. There is a lot of research on this. I feel much better with natural light.
    Thanks for your generosity in encouraging other bloggers. 🤗

      1. Hi Matt : I’ve done considerable research on fluorescent lighting. They bother many people. When I taught courses luckily the room had huge windows so I often turned the lights off and worked in the natural light. Full spectrum lighting is more pleasant, but many institutions seem to be aware of the effects of fluorescent lights. 🤗

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely be adding Savannah to my prayer list. I understand her story all too well. It’s been nearly 8 years since I left my classroom. I still miss it, but know the up and down nature of my condition coupled with my family’s needs makes it wiser to not take teaching on anymore. But, God does have a way of continuing to speak to us through those he places in our midst, as I have been able to see through the kids at church and community youth group. The simple act of talking about Jesus with one of these little ones can have untold impact. Keep taking the stickers offered and sharing the love, brother. Prayers and blessings to you. May He keep you strong for the work He has for you!

  3. It’s hard when you have to give up working due to illness. This is something I do understand. Thanks for sharing. I’ll add Savannah to my prayers.

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