They Call Her Sweet Face

I had coffee with a young couple from Bosnia. The wife is studying to become a forensic nurse and currently doing practicums. She is currently working in a burn unit in a specialized burn unit in my city.

Over coffee, she shared a heartbreaking story with me about a 15 month baby girl who as abused by her parents. The baby girl was dipped in scalding hot water suffering severe burns over her little body. There were other signs of abuse as well.

The baby was left in front of the ER at the hospital and taken to the burn unit. They do not know the baby’s name. Treating burn victims involves painful procedures.

The police have not identified the parents yet. The baby is Jane Doe for now. In the burn unit they call her sweet face. The whole burn unit has a special place in their hearts for this baby girl.

Please pray for Sweet Face for healing for her body. Please also pray for the parents to be found and justice to be done for Sweet Face. Please also pray for loving adoptive parents to be found for Sweet Face.

41 thoughts on “They Call Her Sweet Face

  1. Definitely. I pray God will heal Sweet Face, spirit, soul, and body. I cannot help but think God has amazing things in store for her life. Through this horrific situation, she is garnering love and prayers, not to mention a wonderful confession over her, “Sweet Face.” I look forward to any updates as they become available. Thank you for sharing this Matthew, and for giving us the privilege of praying for this sweet baby. β™₯

  2. God bless your friend for the amazing work she does! One of my daughters spent a significant time on a burn unit. When we arrived at the ER by ambulance, what I didn’t know is, many kids are burned on purpose and those who bring them in are immediately accused of doing it. I was HORRIFIED. I was thankful the EMTs took notes on what they found at the scene that showed it was an accident.
    My daughters nurses were amazing, the work is so challenging as each patient is in SO much pain. Thank you for sharing a small part of your heroes story and I will pray for this little kid. It blows my mind that this is a common occurance – there were two kids on my daughter’s unit that were just left in the ER…… visitors…….nothing.

      1. Thank you for asking……..praise God she is ok – minimal damage as God created a miracle in her life, and most of what the doctors told us never came to pass!

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