Music Mondays- Holy Spirit by Kristene DiMarco

I will be going through a season of seeing various doctors beginning March 4th. I have not taken Prednisone since last October because in discussion with my doctor we do not want to skew blood tests. That means flare ups might be more prevalent as hopefully move to a diagnosis. There is something else going on besides Celiacs, Fibromyalgia, and Hypothyroid. It comes with a rash on my face that comes and goes that is sometimes pink and sometimes red.

This past weekend included a flare up. I woke up Sunday morning and it was all I could do to sit down and drink a cup of coffee. I listened to some worship music and prayed asking God to give me the strength to go to church.

I made it to church and was blessed. One of the worship songs we sang was Holy Spirit. As we sang, I felt the presence of the Lord so strongly. I thanked him for helping me be in church to worship. I expressed my regret about chronic illness being an obstacle. It was a wonderful time in the presence of Jesus.

So I want to share Kristene DiMarco singing the song Holy Spirit. Others have made videos singing it too, but there is something special to me about Kristene DiMarco’s music. It was her song It Is Well that helped me so much to get through 2017 with all of the doctors appointments and testing.

I hope the song blesses you as you start your day and week.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

30 thoughts on “Music Mondays- Holy Spirit by Kristene DiMarco

  1. I really like this song! I’ve heard it at church but I enjoyed this version you shared by Kristene. Very spirit filled. Thanks for sharing! πŸ•Š

  2. Prayed for you, big brother and continue to keep you in my prayers. Days like these I wish I was near to take you to a tea shop and have a nice cup of herbal tea (or coffee if you insist lol) πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈ

  3. I know that it feels like an obstacle, but God reminds me that His grace is sufficient. You are achieving more than you know through your weakness. I need this reminder too. Be blessed, bro. Prayers going up for you. ❀

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