They Call Her Sweet Face- Update

Over 3 weeks ago I shared a post, They Call Her Sweet Face, about an 15 month old baby who had been abused and badly burned.

The update is that she is showing a lot of improvement. She did not lose any fingers or toes. She will have a little scarring. They need to find a placement for her.

I am praying a loving Christian family will adopt her and for a recovery that will amaze the hospital staff.

24 thoughts on “They Call Her Sweet Face- Update

  1. I started to pray for Sweet Face, but then I needed to read the original blog to learn what happened first. Breaks my heart to hear about such abuse. I am praying our loving Savior Jesus will bring wholeness and healing to Sweet Face, and infuse the joy of the Lord into her spirit with a loving Christian family. What a miracle and testimony that would be….and to God be the glory. ♡

  2. Will pray for this little one, I adopted a child who was left dead from shaken baby syndrome years ago the child is a teenager and went through a lot physical and is a freshman in high school now, it is horrible what someone does to their child, this child has been a blessing to all of us

      1. Yes indeed! Nathan and I used to do foster care and talked about adopting too but the cost is so high.
        Praying over that little girl!!❤️

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