My Saturday, Book Update, Spotlight on a Fellow Blogger

Yesterday was a FATIGUE day. I felt it as soon as I woke up. The trees are waking up where I live, so it means allergy season has begun already. I did manage to go to a coffee shop for a while though.

I like wearing my Love Justice hat when I go to coffee shops. Love Justice is in my prayers for the groups for the children and young women rescued, for the school, and for the people who do the work of intercepting. Human trafficking/sex trafficking is a terrible evil in our times.

Update on my book- I am almost finished with the first rough draft. I had hoped to finish it in February, but fatigue days come with no warning. I am making progress. My prayer for the book is that it helps to raise money for ministries that combat trafficking, reaches victims of trafficking and of abuse with the love of Jesus, and helps motivate people to support efforts to combat trafficking.

If you haven’t seen it, my book is from a short story I wrote- Jessica’s Encounter at the Harbor Coffee Shop.

Trafficking is a terrible problem in our world today. My little sister Jenny wrote about it in her blog last week in her post- Getting Educated About Human Trafficking and Abuse.

My fatigue is not as bad this morning, but still hanging around. I will go to church and am looking forward to it. Hopefully I will have energy to write some more this afternoon.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

22 thoughts on “My Saturday, Book Update, Spotlight on a Fellow Blogger

  1. Yes, fatigue days do come with no warning. I understand this very well. Andrew does too. Yesterday he had a very bad pain flare up in his knee acompanied by nausea. I’m glad to hear about your book update, I’m sure it will be a wonderfully comforting read, as all of the ancient stories I read were all very comforting. I will pray with you about your book. I hope your having a wonderful Sunday. Sending up a prayer now.

  2. I enjoyed reading your short story again. It fills me up with the goodness and love of our Lord. Thank you for sharing an update on your book. God’s peace!

  3. this is awesome! Let me know when it is published, in case I miss the announcement and I will purchase it and do a review on my blog. πŸ™‚ cheering you on!

  4. Good! I have had trouble sleeping off and on this week, but I am doing pretty well today. Church brought some good encouragement this morning and, now, I am enjoying the sun! ☺

  5. The Lord is your strength always big bro. Stay strong!.
    Glad to know you are making progress with your book. Speed all the way bro.
    I do hope you are feeling a lot better today. πŸ™‚

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