Music Mondays- More by Red Rocks Worship

Come and reach into my heart
Come and heal every part, Lord
I want more of You
Just one touch from Your robe
Steals the weakness from my bones
Oh, I need more of You

I love these lyrics from the son More by Red Rocks worship. In the presence of Jesus there is healing for our souls, minds, and emotions. Jesus wants to bring healing and wholeness into our lives.

Whatever we struggle with, Jesus can and will touch us with his gentle touch. He loves us so deeply that he left heaven to be born as a baby so he could die for us. That is love beyond what we can comprehend.

He knows everything about us and loves us as flawed as we are.

Depression/anxiety- Jesus loves us.

Family problems- Jesus loves us.

Loss of a loved one- Jesus loves us.

Loss of a job- Jesus loves us.

Chronic illness- Jesus loves us.

I want more of Jesus. I want more of his presence. In his presence there is nor darkness at all.

I hope this song blesses you as much or more than it blessed me.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

16 thoughts on “Music Mondays- More by Red Rocks Worship

  1. Great post. I haven’t listened to the song, yet, but have you heard this one by Sanctus Real? Its really nice. Keep telling people that Jesus loves them. It’s comforting. I didn’t think so when I didn’t know Him, (mostly because all I saw was religion) but I do now because it’s about a relationship. ❀

  2. His love truly is healing and transformative. Whether I’m going through physical or emotional trials, the beginning of peace for me is just remembering how much He loves me. Matthew, I believe this is a necessary daily reminder. Blessings to you brother.

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