Wonderful Post -Panda Lessons by Ruelha

Have you ever observed a panda? They have no secret propaganda. Cutely chewing on bamboo. Falling of the trees in a zoo. They’re just so fluffy and cuddly. Huge, yet they wouldn’t even hurt a bunny. I wish I knew a panda, or a being with no hidden agenda. If I were sleepy… rest my […]

Panda Lessons — Ruelha

31 thoughts on “Wonderful Post -Panda Lessons by Ruelha

  1. Thank you for sharing my poem brother Matt.
    I was a bit unsure about it when I completed it last night….thought maybe I needed to work more on it….but I’m so glad you liked it 😀😊😀😊🙏🌈😀😊🤗🤗

  2. Thank you so much brother Matt….you’re very kind….as always 😀🤗😀🤗😀🤗🌈🙏🌈🙏🌈🙏🌈. Have a blessed day

  3. When I wrote this poem last night….all I heard about from this end of the world….was the unjust killing. I just seen the news again and seen all the protests etc. I hope I didn’t offend anyone with this poem. The message is of peace and unity-in-diversity. It’s not meant to be political/ give rise to conflict and strife. I pray love conquers and peace prevails. 🙏🌈✝️🕊

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