Story Time- Watching My City Respond

I was very concerned about my city late last week that the violence would cause problems here too. Friday evening protesters went down the main street and some vandalized a convenience store/gas station breaking out windows. Saturday evening during a late night protest the street level windows were broken out of the City/County Building and other buildings nearby with obscene graffiti painted on as well.

Sunday evening the police stood outside the City/County Building in riot gear. The protesters taunted them. The mayor had declared an emergency curfew that the protesters were violating. Tear gas was dispersed to make the crowd leave.

Photo by ATC Comm Photo on

Monday evening the mayor came out and talked with the protesters and told them if they stayed on the other side of a roped off line, the police would not come out. They complied with her request. The city was calmer. When the protesters went to the State Capitol Building, a Major in the State Patrol came out and talked with them. He knelt down for 9 minutes with the leaders of the protest to remember George Floyd. That was what really set the tone for good things to happen.

Tuesday was when the important steps happened. The Police Chief and other key law enforcement officers met with leaders in the Black Community. They had a silent time kneeling to remember George Floyd and then had a conversation about what to do.

News Story About Police Chief Speaking

Yesterday they met again to announce an accountability agreement between the Police Department and the Leaders in the African American Community. The idea is for the Police Department to be accountable to the community leaders.


Then they went out and joined the protesters and some of the officers danced the Cupid Shuffle with the protesters.

Positive things can happen if we communicate, LISTEN, and respect each other- ESPECIALLY when God’s people pray.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

44 thoughts on “Story Time- Watching My City Respond

  1. That’s neat that it’s turned softer…My best friends husband is on the patrol and actually had to travel over to Lincoln to help with all of that…he was there for about four days.

      1. too hot or too cold affects me……….so summer and winter are both tough. πŸ™‚ I hope you can go somewhere to cool off!

  2. Great to hear the progress, the dance was good to see. Pity as you’ve said before the media don’t focus on the more positive peaceful meaningful side of the protest more often. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m so glad that some positive things are coming out of this. What was planned for evil Jesus can turn for good. Yes, listening and prayer are both SO important! Thanks for sharing and loving like Jesus. ❀

  4. Oh my!. I am really excited the change is coming in. God does answers our prayers.

    And the dance was lit. πŸ’ƒ
    I legit smiled watching the vibes. 😁

    Thanks for sharing this update bro. πŸ€—

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