When I was a child, a popular TV show was The Lone Ranger. He wore a mask, not like the masks we are asked to wear now, and each episode someone would ask- “Who was that masked man?” The answer of course was The Lone Ranger.

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My city has a mandate to wear masks in all public buildings. If someone isn’t wearing a mask, the question could be-“Who is that unmasked person?”

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We all wear masks of various kinds to protect ourselves, but now I am talking about masks that keep people from knowing what is really going on or who we really are. Think of how many times you have said,”I am fine” when you really aren’t.

There is no reason to try to wear a mask with God. He already knows it all. Jesus taught that God knows what we need before we ask. God knows what we have been through, how we have messed up, our tendencies, all of it. The good news is that God loves us anyway. He loves us so much he sent Jesus to die for us and defeat death for us.

Yes we are all messed up in one way or another, but God wants us. He wants relationship with us. We do not need to hide behind a mask with God.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

19 thoughts on “Masks???

  1. Matt, I enjoyed your analogy. Our all-knowing God sees right past us and finds our sin. He unmasks what we futilely attempt to hide. May God bless you and walk with you.

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