For Lydia As She Goes Off to College

When the shutdowns began, I felt led to start a Blogger Chat via Zoom. One of the bloggers who expressed interest was Lydia of I knew she was planning to go to Bible College, so I offered to do some tutoring for her via Zoom. We started meeting for lessons. When we started, I only thought about helping her prepare for Bible College.

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As the lessons progressed, they became a blessing for me as well. Staying home due to the shutdowns and having chronic illness meant some boring times for me. Our study times together became a joyful time for me.

It has been wonderful to have Lydia be a part of our Blogger Chats too. All of the participants loved having Lydia with us.

Lydia asked a question about what else she needed in her backpack for college. So I decided to write a list.

1- Keep something that helps you feel connected to home.

2- Keep Bible verses that will remind you of why you are away at Bible College because there might be times you feel you want to go home.

3- For cold months a hand warmer might be nice.

4- Have something that helps you stay organized with your classes such as a notebook with a planner in it that you can also keep the syllabus for each class in.

Much more important than what you keep in your backpack is keeping Jesus in your heart. It is easy to get caught up in being busy with Bible College and lose sight of who you are there for- Jesus, and why- to prepare to serve him.


1- Remember it is okay to ask professors questions.

2- Take note of who the other serious students are and try to be in study groups with them.

3- Pay attention to the syllabus and stay current on reading assignments.

4- Get to know some women in the church you will go to there. Focus on women who are serious about their relationship with Jesus.

5- There will be many opportunities for activities in the school. Focus on ones that match what the Lord is calling you to such as music, missions club etc.

6- Remember to let people know how you are doing and share prayer requests including with blogger friends via email.

7- It is okay to have fun, but keep your focus.

Lydia thank you for brightening my summer of staying home. You were a joy to tutor. Jesus loves you!!! I am proud of you for taking this step of faith πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

59 thoughts on “For Lydia As She Goes Off to College

  1. Lydia, you have blessed me as well with your kindness and caring attitude toward all of us and your family. Matt’s list is great. Here are some things I thought of:
    For #1, take several pictures of your family with you, and put them where you can see them often in your room.
    For #2, choose your new friends carefully. Notice that Matt said “serious students.”
    For #3, if you need help navigating a syllabus, please ask. We can help, and it would bless US to be able to help YOU!
    For #4 – great advice. You may be able to help someone in need.
    For #5, this is so true. This happened to me. There were so many things happening on campus and I wanted to try them all. That would have taken up all my time. Choose only a few. They eat up more time than you think.

    Okay, that’s enough. We are so proud of you, and I will pledge to pray for you every morning. We will miss you and hope to hear from you often!

    Hugs and love from all of us!

  2. I’m kinda speechless!
    Wow! Thank you so much!
    You are the most kind, caring, understanding, amazing, and best tutor out there.πŸ€—

  3. It is wonderful that Lydia is taking this bold step of faith to study more about the Lord. It is great that you are helping her as well. The list is helpful. I will share with my son who is preparing to go off to college also. Have a blessed weekend.

      1. He is attending Florida Tech remotely for now. We have not been able to travel to get his visa. BVI has clusters of COVID and we are on a partial lock down. They closed the border again. Please pray for us.

  4. Very good list! Very glad Lydia has had you to give her counsel, Matt. And, dear Lydia, prayers as you embark on this adventure. Keep God as your compass and He will be sure to guide your course. Remember wherever you find yourself, He is there with you. I am excited to see what He has in store for you. I know He has great plans. ❀

  5. My son is getting ready to leave here soon, and has school awaiting him. I know I needed to read this post. I gave him much of the same encouragement. They supposed to leave us, it is written in the Bible. Yet is so hard to let go. Yesterday I surrendered it all. I want him to soar like the eagles, and fly! He is God’s child. I pray for His hand of protection over my son as he gets ready to set out on a new chapter in his very young life! πŸ™πŸ» thank you for sharing

  6. Hey I am struggling with the know how inside here with certain things. My stats page says I have 96 followers than I saw my page and it says way less? Do you know why this would be. When I blogged on here before the numbers always matched. This round has been way more confusing in so many areas for me. Thanks, just thought you may know.

      1. Weird wonder what I am
        looking at them. Who knows. I need to do a whole reformat of my page. Thanks for doing that! I need to add social media, and widgets. I have a lot to learn.

  7. None it just updated and said you have 96 followers, but I can see them all. My page shows way less. I need to set up all the social media stuff still. I am so confused.

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