Story Time-What Is It About Me and Babies?

For some reason I seem to stumble onto saying something about a baby before a woman knows for sure she is pregnant. I should qualify that it has only happened maybe 5 to 10 or so times in 30 years, so my women friends please do not stay away from me πŸ™‚ .

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A few years ago a woman in my morning class told me her stomach was upset. I asked if it was because of a baby. She pointed her finger at me laughing and said, “don’t jinx me.” She already had four children, so the idea of a fifth was not exciting for her. That was in late April towards the end of the school year. Sure enough in early September when class started again, she was showing. She would joke that the teacher jinxed her. She was happy to have a baby daughter later in the school year.

Yesterday I had a Zoom session with a woman from Brazil living in Canada. We do English lessons twice a week. Last week as we were talking she talked about her two year old son. I asked her if she wanted another baby and she answered when the time is right. She did a home pregnancy test an hour after our lesson and found out that she is indeed pregnant. She shared that with me during our lesson time and asked me to teach her English for talking to the doctor. I was also sworn to secrecy, but no one who reads my blog would figure out who she is, so it is okay to write about it.

This is a bit amusing to me because I have never been married, thus no babies ever in my life. I have also never changed a diaper. I only know how to get babies to smile and laugh. I really do not know much about babies.

One thing I do know is that babies are precious to Jesus. God loves babies. Psalm 139 says:

For you created my inmost being;
Β Β Β Β you knit me togetherΒ in my mother’s womb.

It is amazing that hundreds of years before Jesus came and thousands of years before DNA was discovered that the wording- knit me together- was used. When a woman’s egg is fertilized, that is exactly what happens. The DNA from the mother and the father knit together to form a new person.

Babies are precious to God, so it is my privilege to pray for my women friends who are pregnant for a healthy baby. But that is about all I know about babies.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

26 thoughts on “Story Time-What Is It About Me and Babies?

  1. What an interesting gift you have! It’s like being let in on a terrific secret. 😊 Babies are indeed a wondrous blessing. I am so grateful He saw fit to give me mine and has allowed them each to grow into amazing people. Prayers for your student as she embarks on this journey. ❀

  2. That is wild! You have a sixth sense? πŸ˜‰

    You’ve never been married?!! I was gonna ask how no woman has ever managed to snatch you up, but then I thought about my brothers and realized that not being married might actually be a blessing. One of my brothers has been married to 6 different women (one of them he married twice) and my other brother has been married to 5 women. That makes 11 sisters-in-laws I have had the privilege of either hearing about or witnessing in person the Hell they unleash on my brothers. One of these lovely “ladies” cost me a lot of money to get her out of my brother’s life after she showed her true colors and was abusive. After that, I learned to let my brother deal with the consequences of his life choices and not bail him out anymore.

    So, I would say being married is not always a good thing and can even keep you from doing what you could do for the Lord. Marrying the wrong person can destroy a person’s ministry.

    I bet the babies love you!

  3. Babies. There is so much innocence, beauty, and hope! I always joke that God made babies so we wouldn’t kill our teenagers ;). 🀣

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