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Christmas My Favorite Things Tag has different categories, food, song, when to open presents, people to visit, celebrating Jesus. You may also add a category if you wish.

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I will start with my favorite things.


I used to love Christmas cookies, but since finding out I have Celiacs, those are out. However, I can still enjoy cranberry sauce, turkey and mashed potatoes. Those are my favorite foods for a Christmas Dinner.


I don’t decorate my apartment. I do however like Christmas trees with colorful lights and tinsel.


This is a tough one for me to choose just one. I absolutely love the Hallelujah Chorus by Handel. I love O Holy Night too.

When to open presents

This does not apply to me anymore being single, but when I was younger I enjoyed opening one present Christmas Eve night and then the rest of the presents Christmas morning after breakfast.

People to visit

I love to surprise visit refugee and immigrant families bringing candy for the children. I love to see the kiddos smile. Knowing their lives are not so easy, it is a blessing to be a small part of brightening their lives.

Celebrating Jesus

For me this is all about Christmas Eve Service. It is always a poignant moment when we sing Silent Night holding candles.

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Princess Cynthia

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16 thoughts on “Christmas My Favorite Things Tag

      1. Hahhaha…..I say the same thing to myself every year….but i think I won’t be decorating at all this year. . I think I’ll choose just a single piece to put up….haven’t chosen one yet….πŸ€”

  1. Awesome, we always did one on Christmas Eve. It was always comfy pj’s. Tradition of our family. I love reading the birth of Jesus, before opening gifts. We have a huge tradition that every family member gets a stocking jammed full of cheesy fun stuff lol. Great share!

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