Soup Recipe- I Share My Secret

During a cold snowy winter week, there is nothing quite like a delicious bowl of hot soup to warm a person up. Yesterday I enjoyed a tasty bowl of beef soup.

Perhaps you are wondering how a single guy who uses the popcorn setting for everything in the microwave could possibly have a secret recipe for soup.

That is a good point to ponder. I will let you in on my secret because I am certain it is safe with you my reader.

Yesterday my colleague in my Family Literacy Program, who coordinates it for the school, gave me a plastic bag with a big container filled with soup saying, “This is for you.”

I took said container home and put half of it into a bowl. I placed aforementioned bowl into my microwave. Now the next step is crucial. I pushed popcorn and then start. Presto like magic I had a wonderful bowl of beef soup.

My story further underscores the virtues of the popcorn setting on the microwave. Join me in this movement and you will see 🙂

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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