Coffee Shop, My Book, and Books

No burgers yesterday because the need for a lazy day arose. My spring break is coming to and end tomorrow and lazy was what was needed. Perhaps I should restful and relaxing. 🙂

So after a restful relaxing start to my day, it was off to a coffee shop. But instead of coffee it was Moroccan Mint Ice Tea for me. It was also time to get some more work done on the book I am writing- Jessica’s Encounters at the Harbor Coffee Shop based on my short story Jessica’s Encounter at the Harbor Coffee Shop. I finally finished the 2nd read through/edit and made some notes on the pages to edit a few mistakes and to add more.

One of the Baristas also makes jewelry. I talked with her about making something for a guy for me. I want to help her promote her small business. The Organic Store next door has a new employee a young woman from Burma. It was fun to greet her in her language and surprise her.

Speaking of books, I ordered a book from Christian Book Distributors. My Life Group from church meets in Zoom on Friday evenings and we are almost finished studying through John. Next up we will study through Acts in the New Testament. I love a good solid commentary, so I ordered a commentary by F.F. Bruce. He is one of my favorite bible scholars. I gave into temptation and also bought a Greek New Testament study book.

This morning will be Blogger Chat and then a return to the coffee shop to begin what will hopefully be the final writing of my book. Tomorrow it will be church in person, a few brief meetings in Zoom, and back to the coffee shop to work more on my book.

How is your weekend?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

15 thoughts on “Coffee Shop, My Book, and Books

  1. Hey, Matt! Thanks for asking about my weekend. Our Spring Break starts next week. I plan to do some work around the house, write and play some guitar. I got my second shot yesterday (Pfizer) and felt fine—for about 12 hours. Then, it was like someone flipped a switch. Suddenly, I felt achy and started a low grade 🥵 fever. Woke up this morning feeling the same. I hope this passes soon, because I don’t feel like doing much more than sitting here. However, I am grateful to be fully vaccinated, and realize that many others have not been. Blessings.

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