My Books Came and Update on My Book

Do you know the joy of opening gifts? That is how I felt when I came home from my morning class to see the box at my door with the books I ordered. It was kind of like being a kid at Christmas time. πŸ™‚

My Koine Greek books came. I am excited to refresh my Greek. It would be wonderful to read the New Testament in Greek again. In the box there was also the commentary on The Book of Acts in the bible. My Friday evening Life Group from church will study Acts after we finish John. That will be about a month from now, so I want to get started preparing now.

Speaking of books, the book I am writing, Jessica’s Encounters at the Harbor Coffee Shop, is being read by some people I asked to read it and give me reactions. One person got back to me with this comment:

“Hey! I wanted to wait until I had read the entire thing to give any feed back. I enjoyed the book, it had a really great message! The ending was super powerful”

My hope is to donate proceeds to organizations that fight human trafficking.

This morning will be blogger chat and then off to a coffee shop to perhaps start book 2 in the series. I wrote several short stories in my other blog The main character in my first book Jessica, will also be in some of the other books.

What are you up to today?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

16 thoughts on “My Books Came and Update on My Book

  1. Congrats on having your books in hand, Matt. May God continue to bless the writing of your book.

    Did you have any side effects from your second vaccine shot?

    Today is a hair cut for me. I also need to finalize my lesson plans for next week. Our Spring Break is almost over.

    Blessings, brother.

  2. Wow brother Matt. I know the feeling. I too get excited when there’s a package for me. I have been fascinated with all things Greek since the movie Troy, thanks to Brad Pitt btw. Are you still in the process of writing your book or is it complete?
    Have a blessed weekend πŸ™‚ Lots of reading, I’m guessing… πŸ˜‰

  3. When is the book you have written available for us to read?
    We as a church are reading a chapter of Acts each day, ready to start a new era on April 11th – called “Pressing the Reset Button” – the significance being we come out of a 4-month Lock-down on April 12th. I’m loving Acts – this time it feels like I never read it before, though of course I did! Holy Spirit always amazes me how such a few words can carry so much meaning on each visit!

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