Responses and Reactions to Jesus- John 7

Last week we saw the conflict between Jesus and the religious leaders begin to grow in John 7. John 7 is full of differing reactions/responses. Some wondered if Jesus could be the Messiah or perhaps the prophet to come. The religious leaders increasingly viewed Jesus as a threat to their ‘authority’.

Some of the people were aware the religious leaders were trying to kill Jesus:

At that point some of the people of Jerusalem began to ask, “Isn’t this the man they are trying to kill? 

The reason they had not arrested or killed Jesus yet or at that time is because:

 At this they tried to seize him, but no one laid a hand on him, because his hour had not yet come.

His hour, his time had not yet come. Jesus was aware of the hour that was coming, but it was not at this incident. Jesus knew he was here for a purpose. In his writing, John mentions hour/time not yet come repeatedly.

Many people wondered if Jesus was the Messiah:

“When the Messiah comes, will he perform more signs than this man?”

Others wondered if he was the prophet Moses spoke of:

On hearing his words, some of the people said, “Surely this man is the Prophet.”

The religious leaders sent guards to arrest Jesus, but: they didn’t because they were amazed by Jesus.

“No one ever spoke the way this man does,” the guards replied.

Nicodemus tried to speak up:

Nicodemus, who had gone to Jesus earlier and who was one of their own number, asked,  “Does our law condemn a man without first hearing him to find out what he has been doing?”

Then the religious leaders showed they were actually the ignorant ones who did not know the word of God by saying:

They replied, “Are you from Galilee, too? Look into it, and you will find that a prophet does not come out of Galilee.”

How can I say that? You know the popular verses from Isaiah 9 at Christmas time about Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Almighty God, etc?

Well Isaiah chapter 9 begins with:

but in the future he will honor Galilee of the nations, by the Way of the Sea, beyond the Jordan

Galilee is mentioned as being honored right before the verses about Wonderful Counselor….

They claimed to be the educated and wise ones but they missed a simple verse at the beginning of the chapter about the Messiah.

So who do we think Jesus is?

What is our response/reaction to Jesus?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

11 thoughts on “Responses and Reactions to Jesus- John 7

  1. I am amazed at all the prophecies about the coming Messiah in the Old Testament.
    Thank you for pointing out that ignorance of Scripture leads to blindness and error as per the religious leaders in Jesus’s day . Even Jesus told them as per Mathew 22/29.

  2. Jesus is the way and the truth and the life. As Peter said, Christ is the Son of the living God. Jesus is the light of the world, Prince of Peace, and our Saviour. We are blessed!🌺

  3. They indeed were ignorant of the word. Or maybe read but never took it to heart. It should draw our attention to what we also do – do we read the bible as a ritual or do we really study it?

  4. …The religious leaders increasingly viewed Jesus as a threat to their ‘authority’….I love this part here. It made me giggle.

    If I was to deduce who Jesus is from this sentence, I would say, ‘Jesus is the threat to the rules and authority of this world hehehe”

    This was powerful but I wish you expounded more on the …HOUR..

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