A Relaxing Summer Friday

Yesterday after I did onboarding with the public school system here, I hung out at. Can you guess? Yes a coffee shop.

One of the fun things for me for me about hanging out at a coffee shop in the summers is seeing fellow educators I usually only see in passing during the school year. When we run into each other in the summer it is time to catch up on life,

Yesterday I ran into my friend who is a French professor at the university in my city. We met in the coffee shop when she was speaking German with her husband. When I hear other languages being spoken, it draws my attention. I greeted them in German that day and we chatted.

Back to yesterday, it was wonderful to see my friend again. Last summer was the shutdown so no hanging out at the coffee shop. It had been a long time since I chatted with my friend. We talked about Europe, places we have both been to there, French food, and teaching language.

Life is so interesting when one day i can interact with a fellow educator who is trilingual-English, French and German- and the next day teach English for friends from Cuba and Mexico, I get to practice my Spanish with them too. I will also see my Brazilian friend and practice Portuguese.

It is funny that I am trilingual as well but in English, Portuguese and Spanish, So my French professor friend and I have to talk in English with each other.

Life is back to normal for me. I wonder if I should say that because my life has never been normal. lol

What will you do this weekend?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

11 thoughts on “A Relaxing Summer Friday

  1. Saturdays are grocery day for us, Matt. Pre Covid we used to go every week, but now we go ever two.
    Saturdays are also my day to take a longer run (5-6 miles. But I’m not sure I’ll go today; it’s already pretty warm outside!
    Sunday is church day, of course, and also my day to take it easy. I remember growing up, Sunday was the only day my mom would take an afternoon nap. I plan too honor her memory by taking one (on Sunday) for myself!


    PS. It’s so cool that you are trilingual!

  2. Garage sale day for me like I mentioned yesterday.
    I love that your trilingual, so neat!!! I’d love to be fluent in Spanish…maybe someday….

  3. Glad you’re able to enjoy time with friends again 🤗 I’m cleaning and doing school work today, and will have a prayer call later this evening with my sister in Michigan. Enjoy your weekend big brother. ❤️

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