Saturday Afternoon at the Coffee Shop

Yesterday afternoon I hung out at my favorite coffee shop. I know that comes as a surprise. 🙂 I had Moroccan Mint Iced Tea and a gluten free blueberry muffin.

The past two years my teaching assistants were two young women I met at the coffee shop.

The first one for the school year 2019/2020 I joked with as she was playing chess with her cousin.That led to a conversation where I found out she had lived in other countries and had a little experience teaching English. I recruited her and she was a wonderful assistant, but she was preparing to move out of state the following school year.

The second one I met while she was working in the coffee shop. She was wearing a t-shirt that said ‘my one shirt’ so I joked with her that there needed to be a tip jar that said Hannah’s shirt fund. We got to talking and I found out she had helped with a preschool, I recruited her and she was the best possible assistant I could have had for the pandemic year with a blended class.

Lo and behold yesterday I saw a young woman studying and joked with her that homework is a lot of fun. We got to talking and I found our she is studying Early Childhood Education, I talked with her about my need for a new assistant for this coming school year. I think I may have found my assistant for 2021/2022.

My favorite coffee shop is a great place to connect with people. I also like that all of the coffee they serve is made from coffee beans from Ground for Change which is Fair for Life similar to Fair Trade. That means no child labor. One of my few splurges is to buy coffee beans for my home from the coffee shop. I usually buy the Brazil beans because I have visited Brazil twice and love Brazil. 🙂

For some reason coffee shops are great environments for me to write. I did another proofreading of my upcoming book, wrote two blog posts, and checked out other blogs.

That was my Saturday. How was your Saturday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

22 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon at the Coffee Shop

  1. Another cool thing about your coffee shop office is people always know where to find you. It sounds like many of your appointments are divinely inspired. I’ve been down (since last Thursday) with some kind of upper-respiratory virus—not COVID-19. Haven’t felt like doing much, but have caught up on my blog writing and reading. God’s best to you, Matt.

  2. What a great coffee shop.
    So many good things happen to you there.
    Your stories in the coffee shop remind me of a movie I watched once. ( can’t remember the name …😊)

  3. The tea looks good. My daughter made gluten free blueberry muffins the other day, they were delicious. Saturday here was rainy most of the day.☔️

      1. Yes lol. We did some shopping the other day. Will go to the park today. It’s nice having her home. Her Spanish has gotten really good.

  4. Coffee shops are made for the same thing here, and we have many! We have them every where, and we here all coffee connoisseurs.
    Nothing better than a beautifully set up shop with friendly people that know their jobs. Happy Sunday, God is great!

  5. Please pray for my wife. She came down with COVID-19 and I am monitoring her symptoms daily. We started her on antibiotics for pneumonia and her fevers are hovering around 100 – 101. As crummy as she feels, I heard her singing worship songs in our bedroom. She is in good spirits and just wants to wake up tomorrow feeling better. I am praying and recruiting prayers. May they all land on God’s ears today.

  6. Wow, how incredibly fortunate that you were able to find two teaching assistants and a possible third one in a coffee shop! That is an incredible story. I also appreciate that all of its coffee follows a system that’s similar to Fair Trade. Me and my family are also woking harder to buy things organically and Fair Trade. Gluten free blueberry muffin? Mmmmm… delicious!

      1. Hey I’m doing alright! I finally have a quiet Saturday morning this weekend so I’ll join blogger chat. Looking forward to it!! How are you?

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