Wellness Wednesday- Jesus Understands Scars

When we think of scars. we tend to think of physical scars. I have many of those. But there are also psychological and emotional scars. Jesus understands scars. He suffered for us and still has those scars. He also faced rejection and betrayal. I would like to share the following from an old post of mine from three years ago when I first got going with blogging.

12 scars on my body tell stories of my life. Some are from surgeries like the  scar from an appendectomy when I was 21. Some are small like the small scar next to my left eye from a freak accident while setting up an outdoor activity for kids at church. The tiny scars from arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder in 1990. The scar on my stomach when I was attacked by a dog when I was 12 is symbolic of the upheaval in my youth. The two inch scar on my left hand from a surgery to repair damage when I had a hand injury in 1996 represents my health struggles of the 1990s.


Scars represent our wounds that have healed. Some heal over correctly but some wounds that ‘heal’ over leave places that will never be the same and sometimes not work well.

But what of the scars from wounds no one can see? The scars from being abused. Scars left from struggling with addiction. Scars left from being victimized. Scars from broken relationships. Some wounds go so deep into our souls that we wonder if they will ever scar over the way physical wounds do when they heal.


One day Jesus told Thomas to reach out and touch His scars from the nails that pierced his wrists and the scar from the soldiers spear that pierced his side. His scars are still there to show us His love. Having all power, he could have stopped his crucifixion, but His love for us made Him lay down His life for us.


He says to all of us, “Look at the scars on my wrists and feet. Look at the scar in my side. My scars are for your scars.”

His scars are there because he wants to bring healing to our souls and spirits. His scarred wrists reach out to us saying, “Come to me all who are weary and find rest for your souls”

One day I reached back to his hands extended. I reached back to find rest and healing from my past as the son of an alcoholic father and mother with mental illness. Rest, oh yes rest, from the anger, confusion, doubt caused by my own sinful reactions to life.

The hands on his scarred wrists long to hold our hand and walk in this life with us. Jesus is reaching out to you. Will we take the hand offered in love and friendship offering healing for our souls?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

26 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday- Jesus Understands Scars

  1. This is an excellent post, Matt! I just started following you this past year so I’ve never seen it. We all have scars. That’s such a good point!

    Pastorpete51, another favorite blogger friend of mine shared a neat poem with me about scars. It’s called, “Have You No Scar?” by Amy Carmichael.

  2. Hey there!! Please check out on the wordpress reader. For some reason I couldn’t find you and your post on mobile but I had to log into desktop to read it. I don’t know what’s going on. Glad I was able to read your post on my desktop, it’s thought-provoking. Will respond again once I am done cooking.

    1. Back again, this is a very deep analogy regarding scars. I love the way you brought back the scars of Jesus Christ as a reminder that He paid the ultimate price for us and our healing. 🤗thanks for sharing and have a happy rest of your week! 🌼

  3. Yes, I will always take the hands offered for I have lots of scars that only He can heal. Taught Provoking thank you for today you have let me remember the hands that offers help always wants to and knows what I am going through.

    12 scars is a lot and thank God, He still in the healing business of the unseen scares. Hope you are doing well and rested and still going to the coffee shop.

    Bless you and thank you, Big Bro

  4. Great post Matt! Very thought provoking. This has me thinking about how interesting it is that after Jesus was resurrected He wasn’t easily identifiable…YET He still had the scars from the crucifixion…hmmm never considered the depth of that before and the symbolic idea of it…

  5. I was just now listening to the message radio and the DJ said ‘I spent so long defined by my old scars but Jesus says let me define you by my scars.’

  6. Being attacked by the dog must have been terrifying! Jesus is our Healer. He understands the scars and how they have impacted our lives. Thankful He is so patient with us. 🥰

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