When God Connects People

It is amazing to be a small part of God connecting people as he works in our lives. Good is the ultimate connector of the dots. Yesterday was a great reminder of that for me. It was during a funeral for a friend who died from liver cancer.

Photo by mohsen AMERI on Pexels.com

In a Christmas program for my church twenty years ago, I played the part of an elderly man who was blind and bedridden. My character had a conversation with a caregiver about how he missed the songs of Christmas. After the sketch, the congregation sang a Christmas hymn.

I had no idea that in the congregation was a man who I briefly met many years before that. He had an accident in his construction job a few months before that Christmas program. The accident resulted in him needing a cornea transplant. The performance touched him because he was blinded for a while after the accident. He came up to me after the service and talked with me.

That led to me visiting him and his wife in their home to do a bible study through John. He rededicated his life to Jesus and his wife trusted Jesus during our times together.

During the funeral, memories of our times together were a blessing. Knowing my friend is now in heaven enjoying his eternal home made the memories so worthwhile.

We do not see the dots being connected, but God does. If we follow him prayerfully, we can experience the wonders of seeing him at work.

Thank you for reading. God Bless,

21 thoughts on “When God Connects People

  1. We only see one side of the tapestry God weaves with our lives. He sees both. And the dots always connect. Prayers for your friend’s family during their time of loss. But thank God, your friend is now enjoying perfect sight in heaven!

  2. I’m reminded of the phrase that tragedies can make a person better or bitter. Connecting the dots results from trusting God, avoiding dispair, and learning to follow God’s leading. When bitterness sets in, the dots are not connected and the believer (assumed) misses the blessings that God holds out for them.

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