Modelling a Life of Selflessness —

It wasn’t very long ago when it seemed like everyone was looking out for me. Everywhere I turned, help was available. My parents worked hard to provide for me. I had teachers who cared for my future and took time to ask about my day. I had multiple midwives checking in on my health. I […]

Modelling a Life of Selflessness —

6 thoughts on “Modelling a Life of Selflessness —

  1. Exceptional! Thank you for reposting this, Matt. I commented on the original post that I was reminded of all the times my dad ‘borrowed’ my car to fix stuff that was wrong with it. This happened into my 30’s. New windshields, mufflers and tires all magically appeared in this way. I now do these kinds of things for my own sons. I think of my dad every time!

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