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Tomorrow children will go back to school in my city and the following week university students will go back to school. For me Back to School is an exciting time that is full of energy. For me education is a life long learning thing. I enjoyed studying Spanish for a year at the age of 50. I enjoyed studying Portuguese for a year at the age of 53. But Back to School brings back memories more from my childhood days.

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Here are the questions with my answers.

  1. What is a favorite memory for you from your school days?

I have so many. One that stands out to me as an early teen was being one of the students in a new class Life Science 3 & 4 in 8th grade. That led to the teacher asking me to be his Life Science Assistant when I was in 9th grade.

As an adult at the age of 50, it was a blessing when the professora told me, “language just flows through you.

2. What is a fun story from your school days?

For me it would be 5th grade with Miss Lee. I had a school boy crush on her. I volunteered to help her all of the time. I offered to erase the blackboard after class, to help handout papers. anything she wanted. But then I moved in to 6th grade and she moved away, so my puppy crush went unrequited. lol

3. Who is a teacher you have fond memories of?

When I was in 9th grade, I had a Crafts class with Mr. Haws. I was not very good at crafts such as making things from wood or plastic, but I loved the class because I had it in the fall. I played American football at the time. Mr. Haws was a huge Nebraska football fan, so every Friday we knew if we asked him a question about the upcoming game, it would take up the whole class time.

4. What classes did you like as a child?

I really enjoyed social studies. I loved learning about the world. In 6th grade I did a report on Peru and its history about the Incas.

5. What classes did you like as a university student?

I loved theology classes. I loved my classes about books of the bible and also Greek and Hebrew. I tend to love language classes in general.

6. Is there a teacher who impacted your life?

Many did but one that comes to mind is Mr. Richardson the Life Science teacher in 7th grade and 8th grade. When I was his assistant in 9th grade we talked a lot.

7. Is there a teacher you did not like but now you do?

Mrs. Buller in 3rd grade. During first quarter I had it made. I would do my in class work and homework and have time to have a little fun. When I got home, I would tell my parents I didn’t have homework. I would play basketball outside. At parent/teacher conference, my parents asked her why I didn’t have homework. She told them I did it quickly in class and it was always correct. She suggested they take me to the library and get books for 4th graders to read. At the time I thought she ruined my life. lol

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Thank you for reading. God Bless.

14 thoughts on “Back to School Tag

  1. Loved your answers and thank you for nominating, will get to answering the questions soon 🙂

    Also noted your answers are what you are today, language (people) and moving around the world. Love it, Big Bro xo

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