A 5 Year Old Versus 2 Adults :)

I helped with Kindergarten Jump Start at my school a few weeks ago. It gives incoming Kindergarten students time to experience what will happen in school. I survived a week of Kindergarten. 🙂

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One little girl pretended that she did not understand English. She acted shy and would not join in. I spoke Spanish to her and she became clingy with me. My heart went out to her as she seemed to struggle with understanding simple things like where to sit on the rug.

The information for the children who had been in preschool the year before was not uploaded until Friday of Jump Start week. When it was, the classroom teacher for the little girl noticed something. The little girl had been in preschool the year before. There was a note- she is defiant at times with following directions.

So this little five year old girl had fooled the classroom teacher and me. We had a good laugh.

Children are a blessing. They keep life interesting. They can be quite amusing too. But they are vulnerable. I came away from that week with more prayer concerns and a fresh perspective on Jesus blessing the children.

During this time of COVID and concerns in various places, lets remember to be praying for the little ones. They need it now more than ever.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

15 thoughts on “A 5 Year Old Versus 2 Adults :)

  1. I have been duped by a few kindergarteners in my time. It’s amazing how manipulative young children can be! But like you said, they are also quite vulnerable; so many things are completely new to them. They often are not aware of the dangers of life. That’s where we “little people shepherds” come in. God Bless!

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