Summer Over- School Year Begins :)

Summer is over for me starting this week. Yes, it is still sizzling hot and could be for a few more weeks. But tomorrow I begin my week of being back at school every day preparing for another year of Family Literacy.

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I am looking forward to the school year even though with the surge in COVID cases in my area, we will once again be wearing masks and following protocols.

Monday will be meetings all day. Tuesday will be meeting the new childcare para and starting to set up my room. Wednesday will be morning only because I have a follow up appointment with my Rheumatologist. Thursday and Friday will be finishing touches on getting ready.

Then on Tuesday September 7th, it will happen. The moms will enter my classroom. I will only have set up the table and chairs, gotten to materials ready, gotten familiar with the new computer programs, etc. But it will be the moms who will decorate the room. They will transform the barren classroom into one decorated by them. By doing so, they make it their classroom.

My summer slumber is over. It is back to 6:30 alarm clock, coffee-lots- in the morning, and sharing my jokes with the school staff.

What are your plans for the week?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

30 thoughts on “Summer Over- School Year Begins :)

  1. May God bless your new school year, Matt! It’s really cool how you let the mom’s decorate the classroom-to make it their’s too. Down here in the lower mid-west we start our second full week of school tomorrow.

  2. Pray you have a good week with a good coffee all week. It looks very packed with meetings.

    I will be going on Thursday to the office for the first time since last year March. Don’t know how I feel yet but looking forward to it.

    Oh yes before I forget, go to bed early πŸ™‚
    Then it is not painful to get up early.

    Bless you Big Bro

  3. Ah Matt, I can remember those days so well with making final preparations for a new school year. The anticipation of meeting new students, seeing familiar ones, and reconnecting with old and new colleagues was always a fulfilling walk. I am pleased that masks will be worn in school. Here in Ohio, the Swiss cheese approach to make masks optional in some schools is not working well.

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