September 10th- Suicide Prevention Awareness Day

I will never forget going to the funeral of a 19 year old girl. She completed suicide only two weeks before she was supposed to start college. She had been in an emotionally abusive relationship and the young man abruptly broke up with her. Her family and friends were devastated. She had been in my mentoring group for young people from Vietnam. All of them went on to college except her. It was a tragedy.

Out of the group one became a doctor, several became pharmacists, a few became nurses, one is an architect, one is a CPA, others engineers, but I still think about her. I lost track of her during the year before she died. She had quit coming to our group.

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The emotional distress people who attempt or complete suicide is difficult for many to understand. There can be any number of underlying issues the person faces. When I went through suicide prevention training, I learned that someone just asking if a person is contemplating can make a difference.

As a Christian, my desire is to reflect the love of Jesus to those around me. A person may not be ready to hear the message, but could benefit from someone caring if we are open to caring for others.

If you happen across this post because you searched suicide and you are considering it, please know that God truly cares about you. There is no one and nothing worth throwing your life away. As the video I am sharing at the end of this post says- Stay Another Day.

People need others who care about them in these difficult times. It can as simple as reaching out when one feels prompted to do so.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

20 thoughts on “September 10th- Suicide Prevention Awareness Day

  1. Thanks for sharing this much needed perspective, Matt. I know good Christian people who think it’s shameful to even TALK about suicide. Well, the elephant in the room isn’t going away. Like you said, just speaking up and asking someone is they are ok can make a difference. Blessings!

  2. good post – and I recently watched the documentary with Mrs Klebold – her son was one of the Columbine shooters- and half way through the doc, they did a huge plug for mental health, prevention, and suicide awareness – and one thing they noted was that some mass shooters are suicidal before they go and kill others –
    anyhow, the mom said that she never even thought to talk with her boys about suicide – they covered STDS, driving, school stuff – etc – and even walked right on by a table with suicide info because she just thought it never applied to her –
    then her message was that everyone should consider covering it with people because everyone needs to hav awareness –
    – this post is a very helpful one and may it serve as a resource for many!
    peace to you

  3. Thank you for providing this post Matt.
    As a youth group leader I hear different stories or feelings of depression etc from kids and I’m so thankful God has given me the spiritual gift of encouragement so I can point those negative comments to Him.

  4. It’s interesting that asking someone if they are contemplating suicide is one of the best things we can do because it’s often the thing many of us are afraid to ask. We don’t know what to do or say and often do and say nothing.

    1. By asking we can make a difference
      But it is awkward. I have done so twice and each time it made a difference. I ask myself-is it better they are alive even if upset with me or the other possibility

  5. Wow so sorry for her. May we continue learning about patience and endurance from our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. Life is a gift from God and God always always sustains us. So let us ALL stay encouraged because everyone is fighting a battle and above all YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. Thanks for sharing

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