ahhh Coffee

After a few meetings today, I just had to go to my favorite coffee shop for an iced coffee. Just chilling out, get it? Chilling out- iced coffee.

A nice way to unwind after a busy week. Relax at a coffee shop and catch up on blogging. As I sit here, I can eavesdrop, I mean accidentally listen to two people speaking Spanish, so I feel inspired to practice when I go home.

How is your Saturday?

15 thoughts on “ahhh Coffee

  1. That sounds nice. We took the kids to Chick-fil-A tonight and then shopping at the big UTC mall in Sarasota. My wife and kids got their favorite pink drink at Starbucks too. It was the first time we visited that mall. It’s a big fancy mall with lots of surrounding shops and restaurants. We had a good time. I also put up the Christmas lights at our house earlier this afternoon. First time I ever strung lights on a palm tree. 🌴😊 It’s been a fun Saturday. Blessings!

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