Coffee Time :)

It was an epic battle between my bed and the coffee shop. At first it seemed my bed would win out again today forcing me to take a nap. But realizing there were errands to run, helped the coffee shop to emerge victorious.

At the coffee shop I go to, they serve Gluten Free Paninis for lunch. The Panini did not last long enough for a picture but trust me it was delicious. I was also able to spread joy by telling a few of my brilliant jokes. πŸ™‚

Perhaps tomorrow my bed and the coffee shop will compromise allowing me to both take a nap and hang out at the coffee shop. One never knows. We shall wait and see.

How is your day? If you are on break from school or on vacation, how are you spending your days?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

32 thoughts on “Coffee Time :)

  1. I am enjoying the rest, but I miss studying and going to class. I will do all online courses next semester because I have to have an MRI in January and possibly surgery for a pinched nerve in the lumbar region of my back. So, I have to remind myself that house cleaning and other activities need to be done before I start a new semester, as I get so focused on the school work. But, it don’t work! I still sit around doing nothing and hoping, by some quirk of nature, the housework will get done without me.

  2. Sounds good. We took the kids to see the new Spider Man movie on Sunday. That was fun. We got tickets to go to Disneyworld this Saturday. We will be visiting the Epcot theme park. The kids are excited. Looking forward to all the fun rides. It’s nice having all this time off. Blessings!

      1. Not really. I loved the Batman roller coaster at Six Flags when I was a kid, but I probably couldn’t do that now. That one hangs down with the track above you, and it does upside down loops. I liked the Cars ride at Disneyland. There is a ride like that at Epcot called Test Track. It goes really fast. It’s not really a roller coaster, but kind of like one. Our son loves roller coasters, but our daughter doesn’t. My wife likes them too. My gut just can’t take the big coasters anymore.

  3. Love coffee!!
    I have the week off from work and school. My last class starts January 10th and I’m excited to see the finish line. I cleaned my house. I am now starting to read β€œSimple Church” by Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger. Blessings to you!

      1. My class with be Religion, Research & Scholarly Capstone. A little nervous to take it, but glad it will be my last one.

  4. My wife and I visited her brother up in Albany, NY. It was our first white Christmas in years! Snowed again on our way back home this morning. New England is beautiful but expensive!

  5. I’m gluten free also, hard to find good food sometimes ;), spending time with my family, marvel movies, playing apples to apples, Left right center, waiting for now, allowing myself time to read good books, and driving in the mountains. Love your posts, great way to get to know the body of Christ, Happy new year!

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