Story Time-Airports versus Shopping

There are two smaller stores where I buy most of my food from. One is a neighborhood grocery store. The other is an organic/natural food store that is next to the coffee shop I frequent. What do they have in common? They are small, I know where everything is, and I share jokes with the people who work there. They are also both more expensive than supermarkets, but that brings me to things I don’t like about larger supermarkets.

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Large supermarkets are impossible to navigate. I don’t know where things are. They are too complicated. Worst of all they are so crowded. They could cause a person to have anxiety.

So can the same be true to airports? Say it isn’t so. Airports are vastly superior to large supermarkets. Yes, at face value one might think they are similarities such as many people, but that is a superficial comparision.


Airports, especially international airports, represent fun and adventure. When one is in an airport, one is going somewhere on an adventure. Even being in an international airport gives one the adventure of finding the gate and the fun of looking around and seeing people from all over the world. Yes, there are overpriced shops, but they are easily avoided and hey malls are full of overpriced shops too, but one isn’t going anywhere.

With supermarkets or malls, all one is doing is walking around way too much with the only destination being back to one’s car. Where is the fun in that? With airports one also walks around a lot, but one is going to someplace exciting like Brazil or Europe.

Supermarkets are boring. One needs to daydream at times to make it through such as pondering deep things like if a team of elves from Lord of the Rings played a team of Jedis from Star Wars, who would win. In an international airport, there are so many fascinating people from all over the world that walk by that there is no need for daydreaming.

The list of reason airports are superior to supermarkets/malls could go on, but in the interest of brevity, give me my small stores and airports any day not supermarkets/malls.

Airports have one more huge advantage. Whenever I fly to another country it reminds me that one day Jesus will return and those who believe in him will fly away to our eternal home. 🙂

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

8 thoughts on “Story Time-Airports versus Shopping

  1. Today I differ with you Dad. I on the other side love huge malls, I get to see variety except that we once had terrorism attack in one of the big malls in Kenya and so many people died hence leaving me frightened of malls nowadays but I love my days in the mall. I hate small stores, so boring, everyone is looking at you(rolling my eyes)…..I hate international airports especially when we are doing a transfer to another flight and we are late already. Figuring out where the gates are just give me unnecessary anxiety….And finally, we shall not go to Heaven through the airport lol!!

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